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Divorce, Custody & Support Issues, Adoptions, DWI & Traffic Offenses, Wills & Estates

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Gastonia, NC 28054
Family Law, including Divorce, Custody and Support Issues, Visitation, Adoptions, Name Changes, Domestic Violence, Wills, Estates, Parental Rights Terminations Criminal Offenses, including DWI and Traffic Offenses, Record Expungement, Assault, Drug Charges, Probation Violations, Limited Driving Privileges

About the Attorney

N. Clifton "Cliff" Cannon, Jr. is the sone of Ned and Mary Cannon of Stanley and a graduate of the Gaston Country School System.  Ciff attended the Universty of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and receive his law degree from Wake Forest Univsersity School of Law.  Cliff has lived in and maintained a law office in Gaston County since beginning private practice in 1984.  Prior to 1984, Cliff worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Gaston County, prosecuting criminal matters for the State of North Carolina.  Since beginning private practice, Cliff has successfully reresented the citizens of Gaston County in criminal matters in the District and Superior Courts of Gaston and surrounding counties, and civil matters, including custody, visitation, support, divorce and property distribution.  Cliff has also handled appeals to the North Caroina Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.  Mr. Cannon is currently licensed to practice in federal courts in the Middle and Western Districts of North Caroina, and has successfully argued cases before the United States Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, one of which became a landmark decision and the basis of several law review articles concerning the right of attorneys to zealously represent their clients.  

In over thirty years of practice in the Gaston County courts, Cliff has represented clients in virtually every area of law that would effect the average family in Gaston County; DWI, Driving While License Revoked, and other traffic matters, drug-related charges, assaults, domestic violence, probation violations, divorce, custody, visitation, child support, wills and estates, powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney, name change, adoptions, etc...legal problems which confront our families every day and which require legal assistance and practical solutions.  
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Office or Telephone consultations available

Simple Uncontested Divorce   $99.00*
Child Custody & Support    $1,500.00 * through Mediation
Child Support    $500.00*
Visitation Schedule    $500.00*
Adoptions    $600.00*
Name Change    $200.00*
Domestic Violence    $350.00
Will & Power of Attorney    $150
Separation Agreement   $400.00 (includes custody, visitation, support and property division)
DWl (District Court)    $350.00* and up
Speeding Offenses    $100.00*
DWLR    $250.00* and up
Record Expungement    $150.00*
All Other Fees Upon Request - Just Call or Email Us